by Eric J. Ellis

About 20 years ago, I published a book. There was one printing of 2,000 copies. It has since been out of print and is no longer available. I have fewer than 24 copies left. The Lord has encouraged me to make them available to “those who are kings (sons)…those who are called to search out a matter.” If that is you, please let me know where to send it, and I’ll mail a copy to you, free of charge.

Please specify either spiral-bound or square-edged bound format. If you don’t specify, then, I’ll send the square-edged bound, since I have more of those. Some are not in perfect condition, but all are in reasonably good shape. There is more information on the book below.

Regarding the Bible Timeline Workbook

Important Note

I wrote this book over 20 years ago. It wasn’t until about the time of its completion and printing that I came into an understanding of sonship. That understanding continues to unfold at an ever-quickening pace. Please overlook those parts of the text that reflect a lack of spiritual depth back then. For current teaching, view my lessons here.

However, the timeline portion of the book is based solely upon Scripture. The book is thus a handy visual reference work for the sequence of many people and events in the Bible. You do not need to know any history, calendars, or even Scripture to follow it. Each “time-link” is laid out for you, one at a time, providing both the verse reference and the math of how it fits in. If the Scriptures say it is so many “years” from one point to another, then, those are the “years” that are used.

Spiritual History
The Holy Spirit spoke to me in the late 1980s that all of the links were in the Word from Adam to Christ and wanted the book written, and chose me to do it. Though I was but a poor carpenter living in the woods of Maine with a wife who was facing transplants and amputations, I was to be His workmanship through which this work of His would come forth. If I didn’t want to tackle it, then, someone else would be chosen for the task. I gladly submitted and it came together over the next few years.

This word from the Lord had come to me a few years after a vision dream of my deceased father. He appeared in the night above my bed. He told me that I did not know the power and love of God. So I cried out to the Lord and sought Him more diligently to know what was “the power and love of God.” A few years later the word came to write the book. A gradual understanding of sonship…the seed of Christ began. Reading between the lines you may pick up on my crying out for more of Him.

I started a publishing company to publish this one book to keep the price down. I hired a Christian friend who owned a printing company to print 2,000 copies. I distributed them to Bible bookstores, throughout the country. It has since been out of print. Over the years, I would occasionally give one away.

About 120 copies remained, gathered dust, and sat hidden away until recently. The Lord has encouraged me to get them out now. It seemed to me that they were saved for this time for those who are “the kings who search out a matter” (Proverbs 25:2). You will find many patterns, cycles, and truths hidden in the timeline. May there be anointing to you as you refer to it.

In the Power & Love of Christ,

Eric J. Ellis

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