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The Tree of Life

This simple diagram displays related symbols and scripturally identifies each one. Without these basics in place, we can misinterpret. With them in place, we see a relationship between the number "7" & the number "12." There is a recurring pattern with these symbols & numbers to flag a message of God's will in heaven becoming manifest on earth through a people filled with his 7-fold Spirit. These people express God's life with 12 fruit. The "12" is an outgrowth of the "7," and points to a "sonship company" filled with the life of the Son.
Updated 10-7-23.

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Two Rods Join,
(Spiritual Insights)

Snapshot 10 built the scriptural basis for seeing by His Spirit what the Two Sticks Joining means. This Snapshot 11 gives a brief overview of that perspective. There is much, much more to this, as hinted in Ezekiel 37 & elsewhere. There has always been just one House of God, from Adam to Messiah & will be until the First Resurrection of the Sons to rule & reign with Yahshua...on the near horizon! The one new stick is the one House, the People in whom Yahovah's Spirit dwells, as seen in His Son, Yahshua.

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Two Rods Join,
(Pattern in the Natural)

This diagram shows the split into 2 sticks, then the reuniting of the 2 sticks (Kingdoms) into one nation (people), with the best from both, with the confusing, burdensome religious traditions of men left behind. This is happening now! As with all Snapshots, there are many nuggets for readers to further explore in Word & Spirit.
Posted originally 4-15-23 then reposted this update 4-22-23

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The Maturing of the Marriage Covenant

The big picture reveals that the Covenant is a Marriage Covenant, in the mind of Yahovah before Creation. As the first 6,000 years of mankind unroll, we view a progressive revelation of the terms of the Covenant. Each new revelation expresses a "New Covenant" which is really just a Renewed Covenant, expanded in terms & depth of meaning over the previous. In this sense there is no "Old Covenant" that was done away with. Each stage still exists.

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Snapshot Bible Concept:
Family Tree of Yahshua,
The Real Yahshua Dynasty

The main concept here is that the genealogy of Matthew is the line of Mary (Miriam), not of her husband, Joseph. This is the opposite of traditional religious teaching. Once we established this truth, then many other key truths fell into place (also confirming this), plus a matching pattern revealing a prophetic message, even for today and beyond! For further info, see Lesson 17 from which this snapshot was taken. There we find the family tree chart of Yahshua with surprising connection of dots to major scriptural names.

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Snapshot Bible Concept: The Epistle of James/Ya'akov."

Here's a snapshot of the first English translation from the recently found early Hebrew manuscripts, so early that it has 1st-century sources! The entire 2nd Writings (New Testament) will follow as the translation team of Miles Jones steadily works at it. For now this is what we knew as "The Book of James," but we discover his name was really Ya'akov, (Jacob).

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Snapshot Bible Concept: "God's Plan"

His Plan is all about "Sonship." The same concept can also be viewed as "Marriage" of Spiritual & Natural Realms. This plan took 6,000 years to enter into the final stage, the 1,000 year "day" of Sabbath rest.
And its happening now!
It's important to read the Word in this framework to not miss the big message.

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Snapshot Bible Concept: "Scripture Translations with Hebrew Roots"

These are some fairly recent Bible Translations, all written with a good grasp of the Hebrew language & culture in which they were first written. They also use current ancient manuscript discoveries that are closer to the original. See them as keys that unlock the scriptures!

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Snapshot Bible Concept: "Christianity Distorted by Paganism"

Truth is flooding like a fountain. There is no time to keep up with it all, except to share in snapshots of some waves of truth. These teasers will hopefully prompt readers to search out more. Here are some leads for this concept.

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Snapshot Bible Concept: "The Shaking, to Awaken, to Separate"

Yes, it's time for tares to be pulled and wheat to be gathered. It's the end of the age. It's the harvest time. People everywhere in the world are coming to either really love truth, or hate it.

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Snapshot Bible Concept: Mistranslation found in Matthew 5:17

This catch means a major shift is needed in our thinking. More harmony is coming to the Word as these critical mistranslations are being revealed. It is the time for hidden things to be revealed!

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