Snapshot Bible Concepts


Each Snapshot:

  • is a one-page presentation of a main concept or theme
  • has a link to the full writing it represents
  • if “independent,” then a more extensive writing may or may not follow
  • has a graphic image

Snapshot Bible Concept: "God's Plan"

His Plan is all about "Sonship." The same concept can also be viewed as "Marriage" of Spiritual & Natural Realms. This plan took 6,000 years to enter into the final stage, the 1,000 year "day" of Sabbath rest.
And its happening now!
It's important to read the Word in this framework to not miss the big message.

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Snapshot Bible Concept: "Scripture Translations with Hebrew Roots"

These are some fairly recent Bible Translations, all written with a good grasp of the Hebrew language & culture in which they were first written. They also use current ancient manuscript discoveries that are closer to the original. See them as keys that unlock the scriptures!

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Snapshot Bible Concept: "Christianity Distorted by Paganism"

Truth is flooding like a fountain. There is no time to keep up with it all, except to share in snapshots of some waves of truth. These teasers will hopefully prompt readers to search out more. Here are some leads for this concept.

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Snapshot Bible Concept: "The Shaking, to Awaken, to Separate"

Yes, it's time for tares to be pulled and wheat to be gathered. It's the end of the age. It's the harvest time. People everywhere in the world are coming to either really love truth, or hate it.

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Snapshot Bible Concept: Mistranslation found in Matthew 5:17

This catch means a major shift is needed in our thinking. More harmony is coming to the Word as these critical mistranslations are being revealed. It is the time for hidden things to be revealed!

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