Bible Lessons

Lesson 16

Sabbath or Sunday?

Some gather for word & worship & fellowship on Sabbath, (Saturday), and some on Sunday. Does it really matter? We divert from religious traditions (with their strong emotional opinions), to present the harmony in the Word that makes it clear. The scriptures are all in agreement. The answer matters, so join us for the walk into more truth & understanding.
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Lesson 15d

The Law: Reconciling Contrasting Scriptures

This is the concluding Lesson on "the Law." Here we bring harmony between the scriptures that imply that the Torah is "bad" and those that praise the Torah as wonderful. Laid out is also the blueprint for seeing the truth in other verses that we could not fit into the Lesson. This Lesson also summarizes the previous 3 Lessons, so that it can be seen as a Lesson by itself.
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Lesson 15c

The “Law” When Representing “Works”

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Lesson 15b

The “Law” When Representing “The Scriptures”

Here we learn what else “Law” may refer to; the written instructions/teachings that point in the direction to walk in the ways of Yah (God), the ways of Life. A few questions soon arise about this roadmap. Why? Has the path changed? No, but some of the road has been paved. Some high places leveled, & some low places made high; the highway for a set-apart people. Lesson c will then be the sequel to this & the previous Lesson.
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Lesson 15a

The “Law” When Representing “Traditions of Men”

The word “Law” is used in most English Bible translations. “Law” however is a very misleading translation since the Greek word can refer to one of two very different things. This Lesson points out what those two concepts are, and details what one of them means. Lesson 15b will develop a step-by-step understanding of the other concept. Lesson 15c will focus on “works” related to both of the first 2 Lessons.View Lesson
Lesson 14

The Marriage of the Sun & the Moon

Scripture, Math, and Creation all have their own language of truth. The same message is spoken through all three. Together they echo a proclamation of a wedding announcement! So, who’s getting married? Their identity is found in the symbols of the Sun and Moon, both given to us as “signs.”View Lesson
Lesson 13

The Stone Kingdom

For about 6,000 years people have dreamed and sought for a government (kingdom), where there is no corruption & no oppressionView Lesson
Lesson 12

Natural Israel, Spiritual Israel, & 2017

2017 is the culmination of many patterns and cycles found in the Bible.View Lesson
Lesson 11

The Two Pillars

The Word emphasizes the distinction of Christ the Head & Christ the Body.View Lesson
Lesson 10

The Two Works of Christ

This lesson continues with a review of the two works.View Lesson
Lesson 9

Two Goats & Two Doves

There are two approaches to truth, the natural way, and the spiritual way.View Lesson
Lesson 8

The Incorruptible Seed Within

To come to the highest level of truth one must know Jesus in the highest way.View Lesson
Lesson 7

The Eight Milestones to Maturity

Each of the eight feast days are a milestone in that process of spiritual growth.View Lesson
Lesson 6

The Three-Days Journey

Using Previous Lessons to Show What “The 3-Days Journey” Is All About.View Lesson
Lesson 5

The Tabernacle

The Tabernacle originally was a tent structure made to be a (dwelling) place for God.View Lesson