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In the Beginning
Hebrew Children's Book
in Hebrew

Sawyer D. Moranville, 42 Pages

Geared for children & beginners learning Biblical Hebrew, this book is a rare colorful treat. The author, Sawyer D. Moranville, has graciously made it available free as a pdf in public domain. He also has it available in free pdf in Biblical Greek on his website, LinguaDeoGloria.com. To learn more about "why free," visit https://copy.church/free/. I found that link at sellingJesus.org, which has 3 very short video clips on this rising movement to provide Biblical learning materials without charge. In addition to this masterpiece, Sawyer has two other books in Hebrew, plus two in Greek on his website. The forward material is in English, then the rest is in Hebrew.

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The Scroll of Mysteries (Revelation)

This is the first English translation of Revelation from the Hebrew manuscripts (not Greek). Revelation was originally titled "The Scroll of Mysteries," and was first written in Hebrew, then translated into Aramaic very soon after, then those into Greek & Latin after that, and finally into English.
These Hebrew manuscripts used in the English translation have astounding evidence to be of 1st century primacy.
The translators at writingofgod.com under Miles Jones & Janice Baca's translation team spent over a thousand hours over 3-years working on this translation, yet have provided it free to spread the truth of the Word.
A hardcover hardcopy can be purchased from their website which has just the English and parallel KJV along with it so the differences can be seen. PLUS it repeats the English translation without the KVJ so that it can be read uninterrupted direct from the Hebrew. We love it (just received our copy today (5-4-24)!
You will love the Preface by Janice Baca and the Foreward by Catherine Stewart, the bride of Miles Jones.

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Revelation, Unveiling the Symbolism

Mary & Ernie Kroeger, 343 Pages

There are 22 chapters to the Book of Revelation in the Bible. “Revelation, Unveiling the Symbolism,” is also 22 chapters; each one explains the corresponding chapter from Revelation in the Bible.

When we read Revelation, it is clear from the beginning that it is about “the revealing of the Messiah.” It also becomes clear that it is a book of picture symbols. The Kroegers display what the symbols represent. They used the original Greek (from which our English translations were made), overlapped with other confirming scriptures, to display the meaning of these symbols. This book of mysteries becomes very legible once religious traditions are put aside and we read the Word for what it says. Mary & Ernie Kroeger’s book is a great trail-guide for this journey.

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Tale of Two Hearts

Miles Wylie Albright, 141 Pages

What a fun book to read!

We all have noticed the contrasts between Saul & David, but this author exposes so much more, and all from the Word & Spirit. The hidden truths brought out are amazing nuggets chewed with great delight, for they bring the satisfying flavor of greater understanding. How could I have missed so much in this familiar tale over the years? In many ways it is like reading the life of David for the first time.

At its core, the drama is really about the very struggle in ourselves as the Messiah is raised up to take His rightful rule within…not just to bring our own souls into order, but then to reach out through us to bring restoration to a hurting creation. The choice is clear. Will our path be directed by seeking to please men or by seeking to please God? There is a cost to each way.

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The Shekinah Glory of Christ at His Coming

The Shekinah Glory of Christ at His Coming

Roland Pletts, 70 Pages

Bible Concepts Lessons have a focus on the big picture for a general understanding of the times that we are in and about to enter. Roland’s book is a careful look at the scriptures on the soon-coming return of Christ. He explains in detail what he sees that looking like, and in doing so exposes much traditional religious teaching on this subject as being without a solid Biblical foundation.

The coming of Jesus Christ has been progressing since Eve was told that a Promised Seed would come. His first two major unveilings however were during His Passover and Pentecost works. The next major unveiling will be His “full-stature life” in a people as a final ingathering Tabernacles’ work.

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And There Shall Be No Ebb

And There Shall Be No Ebb

Arthur Burt, 100 Pages

We do not need another “revival.” There will not be another “revival.” What we need is Jesus Christ ruling and reigning on Earth in people and through people with those people in the resurrection power and love of the Lord. Then, will all the governments of man blow away like chaff to never return. And then will all men seek the Lord…billions of them. That is what I mentioned on the closing page of Lesson No. 7. I referred to the fulfillment of Elijah’s little cloud rising on the horizon (we are seeing that now), and growing to produce a terrific rainstorm. It is the unfolding of Isaiah 9:7…His ever-expanding, peaceful government will never end… (TLB).

This is what Arthur Burt’s prophecy spoke of when it concluded with “And there shall be no ebb!” The prophecy itself is on page 48 of the book.

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Son Placing

Son Placing

Garrison R. Russell, 755 Pages

Yes, this book is controversial. And yes, there are a few things within that we “put on a shelf.” But we read this book because it was recommended to us by someone in whom we could see the life of Christ. Plowing into the book was like chewing through the rind of a watermelon. We persisted believing that there was a reward within and was there ever!”

Once Mary Elizabeth was into the book, she read it cover-to-cover in a week. She was so quickened by it that the following week she read it again. I am a slower reader, but after enduring some early parts of the book I too soon had it devoured. The book is not for everyone. Certainly not for those who don’t hear the call to Sonship. But for those of us who want to press on in Christ, it is a tremendous resource.

Garrison Russell tackles the tough questions head-on bringing forth the sovereignty of God in all things, even the things that are most disturbing to us. Every major concept that I’ve touched on in Bible Lessons is found here. Join us in the adventure of this book. It is like following a running deer on stepping stones of scripture through a river of life.

We do not have an electronic copy available for this website, but a paperback copy may be requested by writing to:

Our Place
3912 Cedar Creek Road
Colville, WA 99114

Those of you who write to Our Place should take the time to say a bit about the Lord in your lives and why you feel led to read this book. They do not typically charge. However, they do request feedback once having finished the book. Garrison passed to the other side in 2013, but his family will handle the order.

PDF download includes Table of Contents

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The Mystery of God

The Mystery of God

Les & Polly Houghton, 46 Pages

When I read this work it resonated as a trumpet call for this time that we find ourselves in. The vision soon followed to make the teaching available to others on this web site and at Fire Starter Publications. It is also now available both in print and Kindle format on Amazon. It is an honor and blessing to publish this book for Les and Polly. The introduction is by Jackie Caporaso.

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My Walk Through Darkness Unto Hidden Riches

My Walk Through Darkness Unto Hidden Riches

Lucille Poulin, 160 Pages

160 Pages

I came to know Lucille through the “Wire Church.” Her autobiography is a great read for those with a desperate cry to find their Lord Jesus Christ. Her seeking path took her into religious bondage from which she eventually was set free. This search led her from one religious bondage to another and she ended up in the midst of fierce spiritual warfare. Men of the law came hard against her and found a way to put her in prison. This was all part of a walk designed by the Lord Himself to deliver her from the hold that “religion” had imposed upon her, and set her free to find the One she had so longingly been seeking.

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