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In a Nutshell:

  1. Concepts are built “line upon line” using simple baby-steps.
  2. One does not need prior knowledge of the Bible, history, calendars, doctrines, religious teachings, etc. to read and enjoy the Lessons.
  3. The Lessons and Studies are not purposely linked to any denomination, tradition, or particular religious leader. We do not belong to any of them.
  4. Some concepts differ from anything that is traditionally taught, but we see from the Word, which we lay out, that the concepts we present are truly scriptural. The difference is that we do not seek to bend the Word to support any particular doctrine or preconceived ideas, wishful thinking, or popular thinking, or to try to fit everything into the limited, literal mold of understanding.
  5. This website presents the true literal Bible events as “types and shadows” that point to a deeper level of spiritual meaning.
  6. Without the mind of Christ, the leading of His Holy Spirit, one will miss the spiritual truths because the carnal (natural), mind cannot grasp the things of God. As we are faithful to seek Him, He gives more to us.
  7. Concepts are presented in simple terms based on the Word and Spirit. What is seen in the Spirit is always supported by the Word.
  8. Diagrams are often used to make the lessons easier to follow.
  9. Repeating patterns are clearly laid out and compared.
  10. There is no financial motive for this website. We do not sell anything, nor do we ask for or expect any money. Our only purpose is to joyfully follow as He leads in the love of sharing the truth that He provides to us to feed His lambs. In turn, we are fed through them with studies, books, prophecies, sharings, and news that they pass along to us. We receive far more than we give. We find that it is Liberty in Christ to write only when He gives us something to say. What freedom to be free of pressure to produce writings on MAN’S SCHEDULE, even of our own making.
  11. Bible Concepts went online on December 24, 2014, with five Lessons and three Studies. At that time the studies were placed in the Blog section.
  12. We do not want to build a ministry or kingdom of our own. Neither do we seek to build any other person’s kingdom, ministry, denomination, program, beliefs, doctrine, or group. This website is a by-product of our own personal walk with the Lord Jesus Christ. As for “our doctrine,” it is not listed as such for our understanding has adjusted as we have grown in the love and knowledge of Christ. We expect this trend to continue as we come into more Light and build on the firm foundation. A general summary of what we believe is at the end of the “About the Author” section which is under the “About Us” tab.


The first few studies were done for a friend to encourage him as a young Christian as he headed off for a three-year jail stint for an old non-violent charge. We helped to look after his wife and their property in his absence. We were led there by the Holy Spirit to rent from them for a couple years to be there as a support through their very difficult time of separation. The Lord used this friend to encourage me to do more lessons.

We sent them to Jackie Caporaso to get her feedback. She said to write more lessons and she spread the word. Soon, we were photocopying and mailing them out.

The mailing list grew. It was then that we felt to launch the website so that readers could download or print their own copies. This made it easier for them and saved us lots of time. We still have a mailing list for those without Internet access, but that list is small compared to our steadily growing email notification list.

More Background

To further understand this website, one might first want to read my testimony, which you can see in  “About the Author” under the “About Us” section. Toward the end of my testimony I introduce my wife, Mary Elizabeth. She does the editorial reviews of my writings. Her insights are a key part of both the writings and the website. She is an inspiration and blessing that is most appreciated.

The Lessons have diagrams on nearly every page. The diagrams make it easier to follow and remember the concepts. The diagrams are done in Auto CAD for Mac software. I learned Auto CAD from my career as an engineer reviewing blueprints.

Also, a former career of mine was teaching elementary school, where I learned how to break down complexities into simple parts that were then easier to grasp. I worked a few years as a production manager of a sign company. It was there that I learned about text and graphic layouts. The Lord was preparing me from those careers to make these Lessons in presentations that are both easier to understand and remember the concepts.

At least they are easy to follow with our natural minds to a point, but the Bible is a spiritual book. Those who draw near to God must do so both in Spirit and faith, (John 4:24 and Hebrews 11:6). These approaches are both beyond the natural mind. These approaches require a leading by His Holy Spirit, the mind of Christ. This website is NOT for those who demand that their spiritual understanding be limited to the literal views of the natural minds of their bodies.

For they will be like Nicodemus who missed what Jesus said about being born-again. They will be like the religious leaders who missed his point about the temple of His body being raised in three days. They will be like Paul before he was knocked off his high horse by the Spirit. In the pride of his limited natural, carnal understanding of the Word, he saw his friends as his enemies and his enemies as his friends (Isaiah 5:20-21).

One MUST receive the Holy Spirit as a further infilling beyond the initial baby stage of salvation in order to grow into maturity in Christ. It is His work and not ours. It comes not by might but by His Spirit.

We are called to move on in understanding of the Word (Hebrews 5:12-6:3). The Lessons and Studies do not seek to discredit literal Bible interpretations, but rather point out that they are meant as types and foreshadows of deeper truths. These deeper truths can only be grasped with the mind of Christ by His Spirit.

For instance, Noah’s Ark was a literal event. Ron Wyatt discovered the petrified remains of the Ark in the mountains of Ararat. Please visit the Wyatt Museum for more information.

Science backs up Noah’s Ark as fact with many other proofs, such as marine fossils on the tops of major mountain ranges, and the sudden deposit of the layers of the Grand Canyon. Petrified trees are still standing having been buried suddenly in multiple layers of sediment. Noah’s Ark is a “type” of our refuge found in Christ, our Ark of deliverance, and safety. That is the higher meaning, along with many more spiritual meanings in the story.

May this website be a blessing to you. We always appreciate feedback and stay open to how the Lord would have us improve upon the site and the writings. Emails may be sent to us through the Contact Page. If you’d rather discuss things, please let us know and include your phone number.

As a suggestion, a good starting point for the website is, to begin with reading our study “Convergence of Light.” This study starts off with an overall simple summary of God’s Plan. It is helpful to see the big picture as a frame of reference. Enjoy!

All of our writings are free to print, copy, and distribute when not for sale or profit.

Eric and Mary Ellis

PO Box 400

Easton, ME 04740



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