Studies By Eric

The Studies:

  • may include dreams & prophecies
  • are researched and written as led by Word & Spirit
  • typically lack diagrams
  • have both formal and informal formats
Study 20

Breaking News Bulletin

8 Pages
Study 19 (a)

The Words to the Song of the 144,000 Discovered!

10 Pages
Study 19 (b)

The Song of the 144,00
by Janice Baca
(Read Study 19 (a) first)

22 Pages
Study 18

The Missing Word!

13 Pages
Study 17

How Keeping Sabbath Changed our Lives

10 Pages
Study 16

Birth Pangs

10 Pages
Study 15

Vision of Sun on the Ice

5 Pages


Cover Image Times of the Gentiles 12-22-20
Study 14

The Times of the Gentiles are Over!

7 Pages
Study 13

Abraham’s Search for a City

10 Pages
Cover Image for Study 12
Study 12

The Belly of the Dragon

8 Pages
Study 11

Special Days Explanation (Part 3 of 3)

This is an 8-Page explanation of the timeline Chart of Study No. 10, and also shows the relevance of the Special Days for understanding what is going on today.

Study 10

Special Days Explanation (Part 2 of 3)

This graphic visual chart is compiled from the info of the key column discovered in the previous study (Study No. 09, The Spreadsheet of the Special Days). The Chart displays a timeline that charts the path to our spiritual growth.

Feasts Comparison Spreadsheet 11-10-18
Study 9

Special Days Spreadsheet (Part 1 of 3 – Read Part 3 First)

This is a 1-Page Spreadsheet reference work to summarize scriptural research on the Special Days. This was done to sort truth from tradition using the Hebrew manuscripts. The striking pattern that stands out from this spreadsheet was then used to compile the Study No. 10 Chart.

Study 8

A Super Blue Blood Moon

10 Pages
Study 7

Is It Scriptural?

10 Pages
Study 6

Convergence of Light

12 Pages
Study 5

Things are Not as We Were Taught - Part 2

11 Pages
Study 4

Things are Not as We Were Taught - Part 1

8 Pages
Study 3

A Sobering Exhortation

8 Pages
Study 2

Preparing for What’s Ahead

Study 1

What in the World is Happening?


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