What in the World is Happening?


Have you noticed that things are crumbling? Things like world economies, governments, and the global environment. The instability and crumbling are escalating.

Why? What’s going on? This certainly is the time mentioned in Luke 21:25–28 when all over the earth men’s hearts grow fearful of what is to come. But in this same passage, it is a time to look up for redemption is near.

The good news is that God is in control. God is tearing down ALL the governments of the world. He is doing this to make room for His government. We are at the conclusion of the age where those of the first Adam has had dominion of the earth.

Adam was given dominion before he fell, and this dominion has not been taken away. The authority is, however, shifting to the last Adam, Jesus Christ. His government will continue to remain largely unnoticed for a short season. It is, however, being established in people now. It is growing and will never be replaced.

This is the time of the end spoken of in Daniel 12:9. Here God tells Daniel that the time of the end is the time when travel and knowledge shall greatly increase. It is the time of the collapse of the statue of the man seen in King Nebuchadnezzar’s dream.

This dream was interpreted by Daniel in Daniel 2. The statue of the man represents the kingdoms of men. There are several levels of truth here, but the gist is that ALL of the governments of men will collapse, turn to dust, and be blown away. They will never return.

These governments of man include Communism, Socialism, Capitalism, Republican, Democrat, Constitutional, Parliamentary, Tribal, Kings, Dictatorships, etc. Where God has not given supreme rulership the carnal mind of man is always at work to do things at least partially in the wisdom of the first Adam. The wisdom of man is foolishness to God (1 Corinthians 1:18–25). The wisdom of man results in death (Proverbs 16:25).

The statue in the dream crumbles due to God’s government growing in the earth. This is the shaking that God said would come (Hebrews 12:25–28). The only thing that will remain will be what is anchored in Jesus Christ. Christ (Head and Body) will rule and reign. God’s Kingdom has been expanding and will never pass away.

The Exodus was prophetic of this time. The world power, Egypt, died as a new nation was born. The death knell of Egypt was held back until people had a chance to slay a lamb and apply the blood to the door of their home.

It was easy for them to move on in God because there was nothing worth staying for. The economy, environment, and government were in shambles. The military was the last thing to go.

Noah’s flood was prophetic of this time. One age passed away and a new age began. For those in the ark, (a type of Christ) it was a time of deliverance. For the others, it was a fearful time.

These are fearful times for those whose hope is in the First Adam and his systems. These are exciting times for those whose hope is in being in Jesus Christ, the Last Adam. Read my lessons to learn more about what it means to be in Jesus Christ.

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