The Trump Card



 The Trump Card

“The Trump Card” is known as the last card played which wins the game. In the Scriptures, the last book describes the ultimate battle between the forces of Satan and the Lamb. The Lamb is the Trump Card & wins the game! Both the beginning and the end of the book emphasize that the book of Revelation is GOOD NEWS for His people, (Revelation 1:3 & 22:7). The book is presented as signs (symbols). It is the time of God’s wrath against the wicked, (not the righteous!). 

It is the glorious story of His people being set free from the bondage of the old nature (through which Satan has ruled Creation). 

It is a book of destruction of the tares that have choked the life out of God’s people. 

It is a book that unveils (reveals) the Lamb within His people. 

It is the book of the Lamb setting His people free. 

It is the book of the Lamb shining His glory through a people world-wide, 

(as He through them takes dominion of the planet). 

It is all about who will rule in our hearts & minds, and who will take charge of Creation. 

It is all about the 6,000 year reign of corrupt Adam ending, 

and the reign of the Messiah (the Last Adam), taking over through His people. 

It is all about which Kingdom, which government, will rule. 

The book is of things to come after John the Apostle, things to come to pass in the last days. The story line is seen with our lives as books (scrolls), but His Life is sealed up within us. The Lamb breaks those seals and sets us free. Man is given to rule the Creation realm, so in another sense the scroll is the deed to the planet. Our lives are seen as a scroll that is bound up with 7 seals. The scroll is a book. That book is the book of His Life within a people.

The Lamb breaks the 7 seals. With the breaking of the 7th seal in Revelation Chapter 11, the prayers of the saints are unleashed like never before. This triggers the blowing of 7 Trumpets. Each Trumpet-sound is a call to war against the wicked. With the blowing of each Trumpet, a blow is dealt to the enemies of God. But something amazing happens right before the blowing of the 7th Trumpet, the Last Trumpet, the “Trump Card.” We see the sequence clearly in Chapters 10 & 11.

In that chapter we first see the two witnesses raised. We remember that they are symbols. They represent the Word & the Spirit raised up to a higher level, the level of His Life seen in a people. Then the 7th Trumpet sounds. They are part of this. This last trump (the Trump Card), is the time when the kingdoms of the world have become the kingdom of our God! That time marks the beginning of the Millennial Reign of the Son (v.15), in and through His Overcomers!

But the devil, knowing his time is short, does not give up without a fight through his earthly agents. He also spews forth a vast flood (of lies) from his mouth like never seen before. All hell breaks loose. If that sounds like today, that’s because it is. It began in 2017 with a new Jubilee Cycle, 4 Blood Moons on the high Biblical Feast Days, the first year of President Donald J Trump in office, the beginning of the shift of the US embassy to Jerusalem, ISIS decimated, NK, China & Iran confronted, Brexit signed, a new Saudi Prince cleaning out corrupt top government leaders, Human trafficking & Drug trafficking addressed, global rise of conservative media, CPAC, Turning Point USA, many others, & the Q movement birthed. Abortion truths came forth, causing a rally toward pro-life while abortion clinics closed. Patriotism took on a new level, bringing unity to the US between people of diverse colors, backgrounds, & cultures. This move was typically fueled by Trump Rallies. These are all facts. All in 2017! These events were all in the natural, earthly realm, signifying what was happening in the spiritual realm. 

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