First Century Source Hebrew Manuscripts Found on Revelation.


Things hidden & sealed are now being exposed, just as our Creator promised Daniel that He would do in these last days. As we are being networked we share the truths that are coming to light with each other.

We’ve already been connected with you, then recently with Janice Baca, the head of the translation team for the enclosed first English translation of Hebrew Revelation. That is how the enclosed free pdf of this work came to me now posted on our website, (details below).

This translation is a very rare treat. Miles Jones had uncovered ancient hidden Hebrew manuscripts of all books of the “New Testament,” (more accurately termed “The Renewed Covenant.”) His most unusual find has proven to be rooted in the source of the 1st- century apostles! 

This discovery also revealed that the Renewed Covenant was first written in Hebrew, then translated into Aramaic, then into Greek & Latin,  and then into English. Because of the long translation chain from language to language, & culture to culture (often to fit non-Hebrew cultures & doctrinal ideas), most English translations have thousands of additions, deletions & mistranslations. They were the best we had (and thankfully so at the time), but now we have a far better translation becoming available.

The goal is to translate all these original-source Hebrew manuscripts directly into English. Miles Jones has done the “Book of James,” and recently, “Revelation,” originally called, “The Scroll of Mysteries.”  (For progress on the project, go to I believe that they now have the pdf of “The Scroll of Mysteries” free on their site, plus it is on our site,, (under “Eric’s Writings,” “Other Books”).

This translation was banned by the Catholic Church because it didn’t suit their doctrine. The enclosed translation is not authorized by any state or church institution. It’s the real deal!

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