Jackie Caporaso’s Latest Study & Others

Jackie Caporaso’s most recent study was posted to the website on November 1, 2017. This is our first chance to do a blog entry to introduce it. The title is “Zion & Jerusalem.” The main message that we gathered from it was that this is the time that God is waking...

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Website Revamped

The website has now been revamped to reflect new technology and additions. Explore this website, Bible Concepts, to discover the following changes and additions. The home page has a new photo and menu bar. There are some sub-menus as well under these main navigation...

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About Eric’s New Study, “Convergence of Light”

This blog entry is to share a bit about the latest posting, a study called “Convergence of Light.” “Convergence” is “the drawing together to a point.” We are seeing this now with His Body as they approach maturity in Christ. The study is found under the “Studies by...

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