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The website has now been revamped to reflect new technology and additions. Explore this website, Bible Concepts, to discover the following changes and additions. The home page has a new photo and menu bar. There are some sub-menus as well under these main navigation tabs. This is part of what makes the website more streamlined and more user-friendly.

The website is also now “mobile-responsive.” This means that when mobile devices access this site they will be able to navigate efficiently with ease. Especially within the various items as they are added. To become mobile-responsive, some of the word fonts had to be changed.

One of the new features includes a separate section for “Eric’s Studies.” These used to be found on the Blog section but now have their own niche. An exception is that the former Blog on “Bible Translations” was edited, split, and moved to a new section relating specifically to Bible translations, described below. The end of the Bible Translations study was a link to a related study by Elwin Roach. It is now its own study with an introduction by me and moved to the section regarding Bible Translations.

The Blog now becomes a “true web-log” to keep readers abreast of the posting of new lessons, studies, and more. The Blog will introduce readers to the new writings and make note of any changes to the website. It is also a place where personal comments may be placed by us. Blogs are now focused on being short timely reminders, so there is typically no longer any need to have them printable unless feedback from you indicates otherwise.

A major new feature is the addition of a main new section titled, “Eric’s Library.” Here is found a “bookcase” of Eric’s brief reviews of Bible translations that we find very helpful, especially when digging for hidden nuggets of truth in the Bible. We explain what some high-points are for each of these translations, as well as their limitations. Another “bookcase” is of Eric’s reviews of Bible Reference works, how to use them, and why they are so important.

Still another “bookcase” includes two sub-sections that are related. One is a growing list of Bible “Mistranslations” that we should all be aware of and what is really said by the oldest manuscripts that they were translated from. The other is a summary of “Religious Myths” as opposed to the truth of what the Bible says regarding each one.

It is expected that all of these additions will grow steadily. There are just a few to start off with, but there are also many, many more to share in each category. “Resources” did not go away. It has been moved to being a sub-menu item under “Eric’s Library,” with its own sub-menus. One of these is “Jackie Caporaso” where her autobiography and studies are now located as distinct from the other resources.

“About the Author” is now a sub-menu item under “About Us.” The other sub-menu item is “About This Website.” Both are printable. “About the Author” has been edited a bit toward the end of “The Long Story” to reflect time moving on. There are a few new photos to enjoy.

Behind the scenes, I am receiving training from the web developers to go to the site and make some changes whenever I catch a typo or feel to reword anything. This will save time in keeping things current. More importantly, there now seems to be a place for us to submit writings of most any type while maintaining well-organized categories for the readers.

May the website be a blessing and encouragement to you in your walk in Christ,

Eric and Mary Ellis

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