Is It Scriptural?


As we enter more into this age of Tabernacles, we are entering into more Light. As we enter into this Light of Christ, we are starting to see things as we never have before. This is seen in our latest study which is a great delight to share with you.

Hidden things continue to be revealed. We see this as a time of the ushering in of His Kingdom Age. Perhaps, its ushering in will conclude with the resurrection of the firstfruit company in 2033 as Bonnie Gaunt lays out so convincingly from her free book, “The Dawn of Earth’s Great Millennium.”

We see this as the conclusion of “the great and terrible day” of the Lord. Great for those in Christ. Terrible for those in Adam.

We see this as the time of “the great divide” as wheat is being separated from tares, nations from nations, those of truth from those of the lie. Lines are being drawn in the sand. Borders are being established.

Even in finance, nations dealing with North Korea are not allowed to work with our banks, military, education, politics, or the U.N. New standards are being set and raised up. It’s the time of His people coming out of the religious church systems.

We see this as the time of the acceleration of the crumbling of the ways and systems of Adam, like the statue in Nebuchadnezzar’s dream. We see the time of the rapid building up of the stone kingdom of the Son. We see this as the time where the Lord is waking up His Bride and equipping her with His Light, quickening her in repentance, prayer, and seeking His face.

We see prayer movements across the country crossing denominational lines and doctrinal belief organizations. Yes, it is also a time of polarization as all the middle ground of the mixture continues to disappear. This polarization will lead to more conflict and this will lead to more victories for God’s people. May this latest study motivate you into the Word and prayer as never before.

Eric & Mary Ellis

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