Lesson 12

Natural Israel, Spiritual Israel, & 2017


Natural Israel~Spiritual Israel

Lesson 12

Natural Israel, Spiritual Israel, & 2017

Part 1: Natural Israel
Part 2: Spiritual Israel
Part 3: Comparison of Natural and Spiritual Israel
Part 4: Blood Moons in 2014-15
Part 5: What It All Means for Prophetic Year 2017


As we emerged from the last century into the new, I started thinking about the big picture of time. In this context, I was asking God about natural Israel. It was obvious that only God could have restored a nation named “Israel” in the location of the original country named “Israel.” This happened in 1947-1948, after their demise about 2,000 years earlier. That was before my time, for I was not born until 1951.

In June 1967, when I was in high school, I knew that God was doing another amazing thing with natural Israel. They were suddenly attacked and vastly outnumbered. Yet, they miraculously won, and in only six days the war was over. It was called the “6-Day War.” Only God could have done that too. When they won the war they also won new territory, including the old city of Jerusalem.

From Sunday School in the Episcopal Church, I knew just enough to know that something of Biblical proportions was going on. I bought the Time Magazine that featured the war, but it did not explain to me just what God was doing. I asked several people, but they did not seem interested. So I tucked it away until the early 2000s.

By then, I was “born-again” (Passover Experience), “Baptized in the Holy Spirit” (Pentecost Experience), and had a beginners’ understanding of “Sonship” (Tabernacle Experience). What I found was that it is only in understanding the basics of the sonship message that all of the Word flows together. This is because Sonship is the focus of His Plan.

His plan from the beginning was to have a man in His express image, to have that man multiplied upon the earth, then to have that man rule all of creation. This is what Sonship is all about. It is about a Kingdom of His Sons coming forth in the image of that Son, Christ Jesus, who together will rule creation and set it free.

Natural Israel was to be the physical expression of that Kingdom. But flesh and blood cannot inherit His spiritual Kingdom. This means that natural Israel is the sign of what He is doing with spiritual Israel.

As I pondered in 2001 what God was doing by raising up Israel, then restoring Jerusalem to them, my eyes were opened. Daniel 2 came to mind. This is the chapter wherein Nebuchadnezzar’s dream a statue of man falls to be replaced by a stone kingdom that grows until it covers the earth.

The statue represents the Kingdom of Adam. The Stone Kingdom represents the Kingdom of Christ. The Stone Kingdom is the one where Christ Jesus (Head & Body), rules. This kingdom will never pass away.

The kingdoms of man are crushed and blown away to never rise again. The kingdom that replaces the kingdoms of man is the Kingdom of the Son, and those sons through whom He will rule. These sons are the firstborn sons in Him. That is the meaning of natural Israel, a nation of His firstborn sons.

It is prophetic of spiritual Israel, a nation of firstborn spiritual sons in which He dwells and reigns. And who was the first son born in His image? In His Spirit? It was Jesus Christ, of which Christ the Body is birthed and growing into the fullness of His stature and His image.

From these basics, I knew that this message of sonship had to come forth with clarity beginning about the time of the birth of the natural nation of Israel in 1947-1948. I researched to discover that it had. The beginning of the birth of natural Israel was a sign that pointed to the birth of spiritual Israel.

Natural Israel was not the sonship company, but the sign of its arrival. That does not however mean that God is not doing spiritual work with natural Israel, too. What I discovered was that the rebirth of spiritual Israel began with a mighty outpouring of the Word of Sonship in February 1948.1

This sonship message flowed like a fountain from New Sharon Bible College in North Battleford, Saskatchewan, Canada, under a strong new move of the Holy Spirit. The Word soon spread around the globe. The organized churches condemned it because it was not under the covering of man.

It was spontaneous, with no buildings, budgets, programs, big names, or set denominational doctrines. Much of the early writings came through George Hawtin and George Warnock. I located and talked with George Warnock to find out more. I also read many of his writings, available free on his website. His most famous book, “The Feast of Tabernacles,” is still a classic.

Bill Britton soon after wrote much of this inspired word. Some of his writings are available on Amazon. Plus, there are electronic PDF files of his writings around for free. These writings are a treasured part of our library. A woman in the “Wire Church” so kindly recently sent many of Bill’s books to us in PDF electronic format. We now have all of his available writings and have read them all. They are still very timely today.

God is not coming to inhabit a physical temple in old Jerusalem. 2 His plan is much bigger than that. The throne of God is in New Jerusalem. There is no Temple in it, for He is their Light. The New Jerusalem people are the “Temple/House/Habitation” where He lives…a “city” to encompass the earth.

This time He is not coming within the framework of today’s religious traditions, but in a people to be manifested all over the globe. His glory seen in a people will cover the whole earth as the waters cover the seas. They missed it then. Many are missing it now too.

It is the time when the Devil knows that his time is short. He is being drawn out into the open. The swamp is being drained. Now, the alligators can be spotted and destroyed. This is happening within us. The Devil is pulling all stops to hold onto his reign of the old Adam, but he is losing his grip.

The sheep are being clearly separated from the goats. And, who are the sheep? Jesus said my family (sheep), are those who do the will of the Father.

They love to do the right thing at any cost. This is loving righteousness. God loves those who seek righteousness. Regardless of their current religious understanding, the church is waking up.

Note regarding scripture quotes in this Lesson: [Bracketed words] within verses are my comments inserted to add clarity. Some words are CAPITALIZED in the verses for emphasis.

Endnote #1 

Regarding the Word of Sonship (from page 2)
The details of this amazing event can be read in the “Brief Biography of George Warnock” on George Warnock’s website. Also, on that site, are all of George’s writings, including “The Feast of Tabernacles.” They are free to download. George died on May 23, 2016 at the age of 98.

The writings of Bill Britton continued after George began writing. Some of their books are available on Amazon. Bill passed away years ago, but his daughter, Becky, can direct you to his printed works. She can be reached at:

Church in Action
PO Box 707
Springfield, MO 65801
(417) 865-1075

Endnote #2 

Regarding the Temple (from page 2)
There is much talk among Christians of rebuilding a Temple in Jerusalem, with plans underway by The Temple Institute. Although I don’t, at this time, see that happening, I do acknowledge that if the Temple were to be rebuilt, then, it would be for the purpose as a type of sign in the natural to point to the resurrection of His spiritual company of Sons (Mount Zion Company). It is through them that He will rule creation.

In summary, we must be alert to not be so focused on the natural that we miss the spiritual fulfillment of the natural. That can get fuzzy without His Spirit, for they are merging. The New Jerusalem at this time is becoming seen in the earth! Many would ask about Ezekiel’s Temple (the “3rd Temple”), which has not yet been built. I have a large folder started on that, but it is for another Lesson.

Part 1: Natural Israel

This study begins with a focus on natural Israel. The term “Natural Israel” refers to the physical people that God brought forth through Abraham, through his son Isaac, then Isaac’s son Jacob, whose name God changed to “Israel.” The word “Israel” means “he will rule as God.” 3 We will soon see that this is prophetic of a people who will rule as God upon the earth.

The name of “Israel” is also used for the people descended from Jacob-Israel. The 12 sons who became 12 tribes, then became defined as 13 tribes who then became a nation. You don’t have a nation without a place for them to exist.

“Natural Israel” not only refers to the people of Israel but also to the land that they occupied in the Middle East. Israel was given the Promised Land as a base from which to be a nation that was to submit to God so that God could rule the other nations through them. Note that this land is at the crossroads of three major continents.

God wanted to establish His righteousness upon the whole earth. Natural Israel was raised up to become a nation of priests who would serve God, and through whom God would minister His life to the people of the world. We note that when the nation of Israel was born, it was born as a nation representing firstborn sons of God.

As they were about to be born, all of the firstborn sons of Egypt died. What significance does this have? Egypt represents the world systems of man ruled by the carnal Adam nature. It is a system that puts God’s people in bondage. 4 But this was the womb in which Israel was to multiply to grow until it could become a nation.

As the nation was about to be birthed, there was an emphasis put on firstborn sons. Here the contrast is seen between the firstborn sons of Israel and those of Egypt. Egypt’s firstborn sons all died while Israel’s firstborn sons lived.

Israel’s sons were covered by the atonement of the blood of the Lamb, a type of Christ. Egypt’s sons were not. This was an amazing prophetic type to show us that our only hope is found in Christ.

This is why we study natural Israel. Here we find one prophetic type after another. These patterns found in natural Israel help us to understand what God is doing today.

What about natural Israel today? A world focus is once again upon a people and place called “Israel” 5 in the place where natural Israel existed about 2,000 years ago. We will miss what God is doing if we don’t follow what God is doing in the land of Israel today.

We start by looking at key events that stand out. These are facts that have already happened. These events reveal truths to comprehend. Seeing these events reveal many truths that have long been hidden. These key dates for the birth and growth of modern natural Israel are outlined in the following diagram.

Here is the summary below of each event shown above:

1517 & 1897

When in 1517 the Ottoman Empire of the Turks conquered the land where Israel had been, there seemed to be little hope that the nation Israel could be re-established. But in 1897 at the First Zionist Congress, there was serious talk of its re-establishment. 6


In 1917, the British took control of that area of the Middle East from the Turks. This was done under General Allenby. What followed was the Balfour Declaration on November 2, 1917. The Balfour Declaration expressed favor from the British for the reestablishment of a homeland for the Jews in the area of their ancient homeland. 7


Time went on and still, there was no new nation of Israel. It wasn’t until the horrible atrocities against the Jews in World War II that the United Nations voted on November 29, 1947 to partition the British-held land and give some of it to the Jews. It is one thing to give the land, but quite another to possess and defend it.

The anti-Jewish states surrounding the land were ready to wipe out the Jews who tried to take possession of the land. The Jews struggled against overwhelming odds to take their stand on the land, miraculously succeeded. On May 14, 1948, they victoriously declared independence. These two dates are seen as the birth of the new nation of Jewish people, which they did not name “Judah,” but rather “Israel.” 8 This too was part of God’s plan.


Egypt, Syria, and Jordan attacked Israel in June 1967 with the intention of eliminating them and taking the land. Once again, God intervened on their behalf and they not only survived but in the process of the war regained the territory of Jerusalem, their ancient capital. 9 This miraculously happened in just six days, so it was labeled as “The 6-Day War.”


By now Israel had gained the strength to cause Egypt to sign a peace agreement with them. 10 Later we’ll see why this is such a relevant date.


President Donald Trump has been a good friend of Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel’s Prime Minister, for many years. I remember hearing that the morning after his election, Donald Trump called his friend, Benjamin Netanyahu, and invited him to visit as soon as he could. Israel is ecstatic to have a President who both recognizes and stands solidly with them.

On the day of Donald Trump’s election, when it looked like he was losing, many in Israel knelt in the streets, praying fervently, and crying out to God. Many in the church in the U.S.A. noted this and were also led to fervently pray. Prayer often leads to action since faith without works is dead.

I know people who never vote who felt strongly like they needed to vote that day. They voted for Donald Trump. Then, the tide of the election turned to be in Donald Trump’s favor. Once again,  Donald Trump’s election was another, “only God could have done it” event. We learn more about these dates in the next diagram, as we note the time spans between these events.

All of these time spans are also numbers found frequently in the Bible. We’ll summarize them now, but explain more about them as we go along. We learn the meanings of the numbers from how they are used in the Scriptures. The few examples of each span given below are used because they are so straightforward and easy to understand.

20: This is the age of a man who can be in the military and go to war. It is the age of accountability. It is a big change, a new beginning for a young man (Numbers 1:3).

30: This is the age when a Levite could begin as a Priest. It is also the age when Saul, David, and Solomon began to reign as King. It is the age of taking on further responsibility that affects others. A decade of experience with life beyond the age of accountability are needed before being qualified to minister between God and man. It is another big change and a new beginning.

40: This is the age when testing and trials are complete. Israel was in the Wilderness 40 years before being equipped to go into the Promised Land. Jesus was 40 days in the desert before beginning His ministry at the age of 30.

In this example, we see the convergence of two important numbers. There are of course many other examples as well. Once again, we see the time of transition into a new beginning.

50: This is the year of Jubilee. It is the year after seven weeks of 7-years. This is also the time of the 4th major Feast Day, Pentecost, which is 50 days after the Wave Offering, which was the first day of the week.11 That causes Pentecost to always be on the first day of the week.

The 50th day after the Exodus was when Israel was given the Law (the Word), at Mount Sinai. It was also when His Spirit was given to the 12 in the upper room. The 50th year (the Jubilee Year), symbolizes a time of great change.

Debts were forgiven. Slaves and prisoners were set free. Ancient homelands were restored. It is a great cause for celebration as it signals that a new chapter begins, a very important new beginning.

70: Saul, David, and Solomon began their reigns at age 30, each ruled 40 years. Then, each died at the age of 70. This is the age when an old King and his government are over. It is time to be replaced by a new King and a new Kingdom. It is time for a new beginning on a grand scale.

120: The number 12 is represented by 12 tribes and also 12 apostles. These numbers are seen in both the gates and the foundation stones of the New Jerusalem. These examples point out that 12 stands for governmental perfection.

The New Jerusalem is God’s full, perfect government as seen in His Bride, Christ the Body. Then, 120 is but a ten-fold multiplication of just that. It is also another number that signifies a new beginning, for the Flood was postponed for 120 years, as was the fight with the Amorites to take their land before the new order could be ushered in.

It is the age of Moses when he died. The new leader, Joshua, then lead Israel from the Wilderness into the Promised Land. What further meaning these numbers represent regarding natural Israel today is summarized later on. But now we shift to see what dates, along with their time spans, are significant for spiritual Israel, those who are found in the Promised Seed of Christ.

“If you belong to Christ, then you are Abraham’s seed, and heirs according to the promise.”

Galatians 3:29 (NIV)

Endnote #3

Regarding the name “Israel” (from page 4)
The Hebrew word for “Israel” is Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance word #3478. This is the only Hebrew word used for “Israel” in the Old Testament. Strong’s definition of the word is, “he will rule as God. [Israel is] a symbolic name of Jacob; also (typically) of his posterity.”

Word #3478 comes from words #8280 and #410. Strong’s word #8280 is the primary root from which the #3478 word is derived. Strong’s defines this root word as “to prevail – have power (as a prince).”

We know that a prince is the son of a king. A prince operates in the authority of his father. A prince prevails. In other words, the prince is an overcoming son of the king!

This primary root is the word “Sarah,” who represents the spiritual mother of those who walk in the Spirit. She is seen as a type of the New Heavenly Jerusalem in contrast with the Old Earthly Jerusalem. In Galatians 4, the Old physical Jerusalem is associated with the Law (Word), and the Old Covenant. The New Jerusalem is associated with the New Covenant and the Spirit. A part of this chapter is quoted below.

These two women serve as an illustration of God’s two covenants. The first woman, Hagar, represents Mount Sinai where people received the law that enslaved them. And now [earthly] Jerusalem is just like Mount Sinai in Arabia because she and her children live in slavery to the law. But the other woman, SARAH, REPRESENTS THE HEAVENLY JERUSALEM. She is a free woman, and SHE IS OUR MOTHER.” – Galatians 4:24-26 (NLT)

This passage continues to explain that in order for the sons of Sarah to receive their inheritance, there must be a separation and a moving on from the old into the new, from the Word into the Spirit. It is not that the Word is bad, but that without moving on into the Spirit, there can be no life to it. For us, this means that the double witness of the Word and Spirit must be part of our walk before a matter can be established and we can grow up in Christ to receive our inheritance.

Jacob had to continue his walk with God until God’s nature prevailed within him. It was then that Jacob’s name was changed to “Israel,” prophetic of his coming into his inheritance as a son of God. This can only happen by God’s Spirit working in us. As for Strong’s word #410, in summary, it means “strength, mighty, as in the Almighty God.”

Endnote #4

Regarding God’s people in bondage (from page 4)
God’s people are especially put into bondage under the religious systems of man that have a form but lack the life of Christ. The contrast can be seen between the facade of the harlot instead of the real thing, which is the true bride. The harlot is only faithful to herself.

The true bride is faithful to her bridegroom. Some would argue that there are true saints within the organized religious systems of man. This is certainly true.

They are jewels that are set in gold as a type of saints who are in the character and nature of God. The harlot displays them prominently in her crown to lend credibility to her authority. These jewels are resting in the wrong authority.

God uses all things for His plans and purposes, but at best the religious systems of man are a mixture. We are now in a time of separation. Its pace is picking up. Why? Because it is the time of the transition of the age. Until the very end, we are all continuing to grow in the knowledge and revelation of Christ.

What is excused in immaturity is not pardoned in maturity. The time is here where the shell is being separated from the chick. The cocoon being cast off as the butterfly emerges. Old clothes discarded as new growth requires a new covering and the scaffolding is taken down as the building nears completion.

Those in Christ are that building, God’s home. The old is passing away. The new is ushering in. We also note that within this nation of Israel the Levites, from whom come the priests, are symbolic of the firstborn sons of the nation of natural Israel. This is further symbolic of the Son, the Male-Child, that is birthed out of the true Bride of Christ in spiritual Israel.

Endnote #5

Regarding Natural Israel (from page 4)
During Rehoboam’s reign, the nation of Israel split into two kingdoms. Ephraim was the predominant tribe in the northern kingdom. Ephraim, the son of Joseph had obtained the birthright and blessing, which included the name of the Father, Israel. The northern Kingdom was called “Israel.”

Judah was the predominant tribe in the southern Kingdom, so was called the nation of “Judah” along with the tribes of Benjamin and Levi. Judah was given the scepter or right to rule. The Jews are those associated with the Kingdom of Judah.

Since all of the tribes were descended from Israel, they could all refer to themselves in a generic way as “Israel.” But nationally they were tagged with the name of the nation where they dwelt. Each nation was also called a Kingdom, or a House. It can be shown in the Word that many from each tribe lived in the other nation. Natural “Israel” today is settled mostly by Jews who had been dispersed from the House of Judah.

Endnote #6 

Regarding: 1517 & 1897 (from page 5)
The meeting was held in Basil, Switzerland under Theodor Herzl and Max Nordau. My source for this is “The Timetables of History” by Bernard Grun, 1982 edition. It is also the source that I used for the information on the Ottoman Empire.

Endnote #7

Regarding 1917 (from page 5)
This also comes from “The Timetables of History” by Bernard Grun, 1982 edition. For further detailed information go to Wikipedia. Then, search for the “Balfour Declaration” on their site.

Endnote #8

Regarding 1947-1948 (from page 6)
This too comes from “The Timetables of History” by Bernard Grun, 1982 edition. For further detailed information, go to Wikipedia. Then, search for “Israel” on their site.

Endnote #9

Regarding 1947-1948 (from page 6)
Again, from “The Timetables of History” by Bernard Grun, 1982 edition. For further detailed information, go to Wikipedia. Then, search for “Origins of the Six-Day War” on their site.

Endnote #10

Regarding 1977-1978 (from page 6)
“The Timetables of History” by Bernard Grun, 1982 edition. For further detailed information, go to Wikipedia. Then, search for “Egypt-Israel Peace Treaty” on their site.

Endnote #11

Regarding Feast Days (from page 8)
Please see Lesson 4 “The Eight Feasts” for a good scriptural overview of the eight major Feast Days of the Lord. The diagrams and references from the Word make it easy to follow and break free from the error of religious traditions of “7 Feasts.”

Part 2: Spiritual Israel

There is not one, but there are two nations of people called “Israel.” The first group we referred to as “Natural Israel.” The second group is what we will call, “Spiritual Israel.” This spiritual Israel is our focus in this part of the lesson.

Spiritual Israel was birthed from natural Israel as a group of 120 people on the day of Pentecost. These 120 people filled with His Spirit were transformed by God’s Spirit into people of the New Covenant. They soon multiplied to include people of many other places and races. There is a nation of natural-born firstborn sons. There is a nation/government/kingdom of spiritual firstborn sons.

There was an obvious distinction and clash between the people of natural Israel and spiritual Israel. One had an emphasis on genealogy and the other did not. One had an emphasis on the outward form of pleasing God. The other had an emphasis on a walk in faith, an inward form of pleasing God.

But both were somewhat in captivity. Natural Israel was ruled by the world system of the Romans. The new spiritual Israel was still in captivity as part of the religious system of the day.

Following natural Israel’s rejection of Jesus as their Messiah, they lost their land, temple, and priesthood. They were dispersed captive into many other nations. They were swallowed up by the beast systems of the world.

Spiritual Israel had grown but was gradually lured into captivity by the religious systems of the world (“Mystery Babylon”). Mystery Babylon had a more spiritual-looking form to entice them, but it was still an imitation of a walk in the Spirit. It was an “instead-of-Christ” Spirit that brought spiritual Israel into captivity. The dark ages followed for hundreds of years.

A return was promised to both peoples. This promise is found in Hebrews 8:10 which quotes Jeremiah 31:31-33. The context of these passages draws the distinction between the Old Covenant people of the law as an external government with a natural people and the New Covenant people with an internal government centered on walking in His Spirit.

There were to be two returns. There was be a natural return of Israel to their natural land and a return of spiritual people to the spiritual land of their God. Eventually, these two Israels would merge.

Spiritual Israel returned as a people under a new priesthood and a new relationship with God. The new relationship is where the people have the law written on their minds and in their hearts. They know what God wants them to do, and they want to do it, and by His Spirit within they can walk in this new way.

With these New Covenant people, the government of God is now within because His Spirit can now be within. The Kingdom of God is now within a people. Christ Jesus reigns within the hearts of these people.

Both returns were birthed at about the same time, with the natural first in 1947-1948. The return of a people to the physical land of Israel was a sign that soon after there would be the beginning of a spiritual return to God, and there was. This “natural Israel” and “spiritual Israel” are plainly explained in Galatians 3-4. The verse below shows the principle that natural always comes first.

“The spiritual did not come first, but the natural, and after that the spiritual.” – 1 Corinthians 15:46 (NIV)

Then, this next verse shows that through watching the natural we see spiritual prophetic types and shadows of the spiritual to follow. So it is that to learn more about this spiritual Israel by first looking at natural Israel.

“These things happened [to natural Israel] as a warning to us [spiritual Israel] so that we would not crave evil things as they did.” – 1 Corinthians 10:6 (NLT)

Now, we look at the key dates for the birth and growth of the return of spiritual Israel, a nation of spiritual firstborn sons.

These dates are ones that we recognize as defining moments in the history for the growth of spiritual Israel. What makes these dates so astounding is that they are the same as the key turning-point dates for natural Israel, which always comes first as a sign of what God is about to do in the spiritual realm. We see this comparison more clearly in the diagram that begins the next part of our study. We keep in mind that in the big picture we are seeing the birth of a nation of firstborn sons, both in the earth realm (natural Israel), and in the heavenly realm (spiritual Israel).

Part 3: Comparison of Natural & Spiritual Israel

Seeing the key dates side-by-side helps us to understand what has happened as a nation of sons grows to maturity to take the reigns of the next age. Later on, in this lesson, we’ll lay bare the truths of the parallel patterns of the diagram below. This can only be seen by the Spirit, but once revealed will become obvious.

There is yet another key date that needs to be mentioned. It is very helpful in seeing the overall plan of God at this time. Our next section presents the date and the significance of it. Understanding this will be vital to understanding what God is doing with both natural and spiritual Israel.

Part 4: Blood Moons in 2014-2015

We have not shown the year 2014-2015. What happened then that really stood out? There were signs in the heavens. In 2014-2015, there were four blood moons and a significant solar eclipse.

The sun and moon were created not just to light the night and to mark off months of the year but also created for SIGNS. We saw them as four signs in 2014-2015. The signs of the four blood moons and the solar eclipse in 2014-2015 alert us to the following years of 2016-2018.

Signs are messages. Signs point to something that we should pay attention to. Signs alert us to what is ahead.

“God said, Let there be lights in the firmament of the heaven to divide the day from the night, AND LET THEM BE FOR SIGNS, and for seasons, and for days, and years.” – Genesis 1:14 (KJV)

So, what is a “blood moon?” A blood moon is an unusual type of lunar eclipse that causes the moon to turn a blood-red color at the peak of the eclipse. Eclipses are not common, and a blood moon eclipse is even rarer.

Then, to have four blood moons in one year is rarer even yet. But the most remarkable thing is that ALL blood moons landed on major Feast Days, shown on the next page. This is all part of the message of the sign. In this overall event, the sun turned dark and the moon turned blood red. Altogether, what are the signs pointing to?

“The sun will be turned to darkness and the moon to blood BEFORE THE COMING OF THE GREAT AND GLORIOUS DAY OF THE LORD.” – Acts 2:20 (NIV)

This is a quote from Joel 2:31. Joel explains that the first terrible things happen, which is then followed by wonderful things. This is prophetic of the passing away of Adam’s Kingdom to be replaced by the Kingdom of Christ.

This “day” is a time of 1,000 years. It is a day from God’s perspective. From His view, 1,000 years is but a day (2 Peter 3:8).

This is a terrible day of woe and trouble for the Kingdom of Adam and those found in Adam. But it is a glorious day for the Kingdom of Christ and those found in Christ! This day is seen again in Revelation 6:12 at the opening of the 6 the seal.

It begins with the transition from the “Church Age” into the Millennium Kingdom Age. But the bigger picture is that it is the long-awaited transition from the age of Adam’s ruling creation to the age of Christ ruling creation. Adam will not give up his reign without a savage fight, but he will lose with a terrible fall to never rise again. Just as Egypt was destroyed as a nation along with the death of its firstborn sons. In contrast, was the nation of Israel born with their firstborn sons alive.

As the statue of man (the Kingdoms of Adam), crumbles and falls, it is replaced with the Stone Kingdom of Christ and His Body. The collapse and defeat of Adam’s corporate man will be replaced with the rise and spread of the corporate Body of Christ.

What a time for those in Christ to celebrate! With the fall of Adam, all of the religious systems of man will fall. Instead, there will be the life of Christ within and through people.

Below is a diagram to show when the signs in the heavens occurred. We see that they all took place on major Feast Days, including a solar eclipse in the middle of them. The events are listed sequentially with Christian calendar dates.

Under those days are the corresponding Hebrew calendar dates of the Bible. Under those days are shown the corresponding major Feast Days of the Lord. 12 For reference, we show the summary of the eight major Feast Days of the Lord at the bottom.

Now that we have the facts from the Word expressed in real life, we can by His Spirit see the patterns.

First Blood Moon

The Lamb was slain on the 14th of Nisan, but eaten on the 15th, all part of the general Passover Feast days. We see then that the first blood moon symbolizes the evening when Israel ate the Passover Lamb. It was also the night that the firstborn sons of Egypt died and the firstborn nation of Israel was birthed. For it was the time when Israel began to separate from Egypt.

Second Blood Moon

The second blood moon symbolizes the entering into the Feast of Tabernacles. It was the beginning of the final harvest of the corn, wine, and oil mentioned in Joel. It is the beginning of the 7th major Feast Day.

It is symbolic of the 7th day of creation when God rested. Why? Because on that day His sons were mature enough to take over the work of looking over creation.

It is symbolic of bringing fruitfulness to the Father. It is symbolic of God receiving His inheritance, which is His Life in Sons. What do the Sons inherit? But for Him, and the nations of the world, which they subdue and then bring to Him.

So, the first two blood moons together symbolize the beginning of Feast Days coming to a conclusion with the “beginning of the end of Feast Days.” The time of 6-days of labor is over. Adam’s time is up. It’s time for God’s sons in His image to rule.

Solar Eclipse

These first two blood moons are followed by a solar eclipse. The sun goes dark. What does this mean in the Word?

We see in Revelation 22:5 that the day comes when there is no need of the light of the sun. That day is upon us! Then, below we see why. It is the beginning of the time when His life in the spiritual realm is seen on earth in His people. It is the time New Jerusalem begins her descent to take up His government on the earth.

“The city [New Jerusalem] had NO NEED OF THE SUN OR OF THE MOON TO SHINE in it, for the glory of God illuminated it. The Lamb is its light.” – Revelation 21:23 (NKJV)

Last Two Blood Moons

They repeat the pattern of the first two blood moons, but there is a slight difference. This time the last blood moon is not on entering into Tabernacles, but moving further on into it. This indicates a moving along in the establishment of His Millennial Reign upon the earth.

The last of eight major Feast Days are reserved for the end of His Millennial Kingdom Reign of Sons when all of creation will have been subdued unto Christ. That will be the time when death will be no more. It will be the beginning of an even more glorious age that we cannot comprehend at this time.

Endnote #12 

Regarding the Feast Days (from page 18)
The dates of the blood moons and solar eclipse are now history and easy to verify. One place to see this is on NASA’s Eclipse website. Once we have these familiar calendar dates, then one can go to the Hebrew Calendar to see the corresponding Hebrew calendar dates. These are the same as the Jewish Calendar dates, which are the same as those listed in the Word.

Then, from the Word, as summarized in our Lesson 4, “The Eight Feasts,” we see that these Hebrew calendar dates match some of the eight major Feast Days of the Lord. These eight Feast Days are the ONLY “Holy Convocations” mentioned in the Word. It is only in seeing these 8-Feast Days that true patterns become apparent. The diagram on the 8 major Feast Days below the diagram of the blood moons comes from Lesson 4, page 13. That diagram is also the cover diagram for that Lesson.

Part 5: What It All Means for the Prophetic Year 2017

Note the 490-year cycle ending in 2007-2008. What happened at that time? This marked the ending of the last cycle of captivity for both natural Israel and spiritual Israel. The years from then until 2017 were dark years for Christians and Jews under the Obama administration as we transitioned to the 500th year of 2017, a 10-fold Jubilee release from captivity.

From the signs in the heavens in 2014-2015, we see the years following those signs as being very significant years as an alert to the progression in God’s shift from the rule of Adam to the rule of Christ through a people. What were signs of this transition in the earth realm in the 500th year? One event that really stands out is the election of a new President, Donald J. Trump, who was inaugurated at the beginning of 2017.

Only those most attuned to the Spirit could see this coming. There were two other signs in the earth that confirmed a major, unexpected transition. They are shown below. We’ll explain them after the diagram, but first, we study the overview in this diagram to see what all of the previous diagrams are really saying in the Spirit.

This study is being written in spring 2017. Here are three major events current to 2017. They are facts in the natural that point to the spiritual significance of what God is doing NOW:

American Pharaoh Won The Triple Crown

Every spring there are 3 major horse races. They are the Kentucky Derby, the Preakness, and the Belmont. When a horse wins all three, then they are a “Triple Crown Winner.” In 2016, American Pharaoh was the 12th horse to ever win the Triple Crown.

The previous ones were in 1977, 1978, and 1948. It spoke of a new winner to emerge in 2016 who was to be a winner above winners. “Pharaoh” means a ruler. The name “American Pharaoh” prophetically identifies this winner-above-all-winners as Donald Trump who was elected at the end of 2016 as the new ruler of America.

Patriots Won The Super Bowl

Here was another very surprising winner. The Patriots’ full name is “The New England Patriots.” That speaks of 13 colonies (or tribes), emerging to triumph.

New England is of course named after England. England is in the land of Great Britain, which means “Covenant People.” New England speaks of the New Covenant People (spiritual Israel), to emerge on the scene as the victorious people. They are Patriots, loyal to their origins. The 13 colonies are also seen as “New Israel.”

Donald J. Trump Won The Presidency

  1. May 2, 2017 marks the 70th anniversary of Israel becoming a nation. The number 70 symbolizes that its time for a new King and a new Kingdom government. We see this radical change in the new 2017 reign of Donald Trump as the new President of America.
  2. June 7, 2017 marks the 50th anniversary of Israel recovering Jerusalem. This symbolizes the Jubilee of God’s people has restored to them the property that had been lost with more to soon follow. In 2017, under Donald Trump, we see many religious liberties restored to His people.
  3. November 2, 2017 marks the 100th anniversary of the Balfour Declaration in which Great Britain officially declared her support of Israel being established in Palestine. This “100” speaks of fulness, for the 100-fold people who go beyond the experience of Pentecost. We’ll see more than a normal harvest!
  4. Donald Trump began his Presidency in January of 2017. Many prophecies have been around from as early as 2007 that he would be elected President. Perhaps the most widely known ones are by Kim Clement and Mark Taylor and they are ongoing. We have a notebook full of them. One thing for sure is that only God could have made that happen. God is moving to establish and usher in a new age.
  5. Donald Trump has been best friends with the head of Israel for years.
  6. Donald Trump is labeled as “the wrecking ball” to the systems of man in D.C. He cannot be bought, bribed, seduced, blackmailed, or intimidated. He is not interested in any compromise with darkness. The statue of man is collapsing and steadily being replaced at a pace that is challenging to follow.
  7. Trump’s nominee to the Supreme Court, Neil Gorsuch, was sworn into office on April 10, 2017, the first day of Passover (Nisan 14th). This signified a new beginning of law and order under the blood of the Lamb.
  8. Donald Trump is the 45th President of the United States. Prophecy proclaims that he has been raised up as a secular Cyrus (Isaiah 45), to make this country great again. Why? Because it is the fullness of time for God’s Plan to raise up His people throughout the earth, using this country to once again be a center of His light to the world as He usher’s in the new age of the Kingdom of Christ.
  9. This year of 2017 is the 500th anniversary of the Reformation. This is a 10-fold Jubilee year. The last period of captivity has ended. It’s time to return to the fulness of Christ.

During this time, we can note that many cracks appeared in the statue of man. Now, the governments of man are certainly in collapse. This is obvious in the desperate, frantic, panicky stabs of those in opposition to what God is doing. But their attempts to derail God’s Plan are destined for failure.

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